How much can I borrow for my wedding at Buddy Loan?

The big fat Indian wedding is all going small scale because of the new normal after the pandemic. There is a new number set to limit the number of guests at your wedding. This calls for a lot of precautionary measures and financial support to support a lifetime event, a wedding!

Buddy Loan is a reputed loan aggregator in the industry. It sanctions loans to the borrowers from the right lenders. Buddy Loan app is just a minute away from you to apply for a personal loan for all the wedding costs today.

You can not only get quick personal loans at lower interest rates starting at 11.99% p.a, but also repay them back in a flexible loan tenure. Nobody likes to compromise on the assets they store for old age investment. To liquidate an asset is losing all the hard-earned money for a temporary cause.

Personal loan for wedding:

Marriage loans online are an easy option to fund your wedding expenses. It is digital at Buddy Loan, as you have to submit very minimal documents for loan approval. Buddy Loan offers personal loans for marriages at lower interest rates starting at 11,99% p.a.

You can download the Buddy Loan app now and fix a better EMI pay-out with the lender of your choice, plus a flexible loan tenure too. The marriage loan disbursement is up to Rs. 15 lakhs. There are competitive interest rates depending on your credit history.

The paperless application process has very few formalities so that the borrower can have a clean and easy loan journey. Now that there are varying payback options, it is all the easier. Buddy Loan is a reputed loan aggregator for its approval rate and holds a record for 80% approval rate on personal loans.

Sanction of a marriage loan:

Your loan application is acknowledged in 15 minutes since the time you submit your application. This is an instant solution platform that lets you know the loan application status.

The dashboard in the Buddy Loan app helps you track your loan status in the profile unit. In case your lender denies your loan application, you are auto-redirected to another lender through the app.

It takes 48hours for loan disbursement that includes loan processing and direct transaction into your account. The disbursement time is less than the expected time!


Availing a personal loan for fleeting expenses is always a wiser choice. Apply a loan through Buddy Loan app and make life easier.

What’s a Follow-through Day?

At MarketSmith India, we have a defined set of rules to identify the upturn in the market. It will remove any personal judgment.

It relies on a follow-through day, a device identified by historical research.

Follow-through day occurs if a benchmark index (Nifty in our case) delivers a strong gain in volume higher than the previous session. That big gain on rising volume is considered as a follow-through day, which confirms that a new uptrend is underway.

We changed the market status to a Rally Attempt as last Friday was a blue rally day (Day 1) and Nifty managed to stay above its Day 1 low for two consecutive sessions. We wait for a follow-through day to occur to confirm the uptrend as most of the major rallies in the market start with a follow-through day.

A follow-through day can’t pick the exact day when a market bottoms, but can get you close to the bottom. The most powerful follow-throughs usually occur between the fourth and the seventh day of an attempted rally.

There will be cases in which confirmed rallies fail. A few large institutional investors, who have large funds, can run up the market on a particular day and create an impression of a follow-through. Hence, follow-through day should be used in conjunction with other indicators to provide firm evidence. One of the other indicators is simply to check if there are fundamentally good stocks breaking out of sound bases.

A follow-through signal doesn’t mean investors should go and buy with abandon. It just gives you a go-ahead to choose high-quality stocks with strong sales and EPS growth as they break out of their bases.

How to Strike a Sweet Car Deal during Halloween?

The spooky season of Halloween is all about trick or treat. However, the car buying process seems more like a trick than a treat if you do not take the right steps. The year 2020 has presented many challenges to the auto industry, right from production, low sales to delays in the launch of new models. But, for a car buyer, there could not be a better time than this for buying a vehicle.

Carmakers are ready to optimize on high sales, especially at times such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. So, if you play your cards right, you can get a sweet car deal that would surely be a Halloween treat for you and your family.

Make Buying a Car a Treat and not a Trick!

The following points will help you to get the best Halloween car deal.

1. Avoid the Ghoulish Long Term

Many auto dealers and lenders will urge you to opt for a very long term on your auto loan. Anything above 72 months forces you to pay a higher interest amount. Instead, try to stick to 60 months because it will make you debt-free early. You can even obtain a good resale value on your car with a shorter auto loan term. Therefore, avoid the ghoulishly long auto loan term while buying a car during October.

2. Steer Clear of Spooky Hidden Charges

A car price may be presented to you differently when you shop versus when you sit down to close the deal. Make sure you understand all the charges towards add-ons, insurance, loan fees, taxes, etc. Any hidden charges will cause you to rework your budget and finances. Include any extra charges to your calculations before you apply for a pre-approved auto loan. Thus, be prepared in advance so that you do not get a spooky jump scare while closing your car deal during Halloween.

3. Don’t Get Scared of Prices, Negotiate Your Way

For many people, the process of negotiation may seem like a difficult task. But fret not. Negotiating for the price that you deserve will not be scary if you plan it right. Take the help of online portals to calculate the expected auto loan amount. Also, shop at various dealerships to ensure that you get the lowest price and the maximum benefits when you buy a car on Halloween.

Scary Season, Great Car Deal!

Make the most of festive times like Halloween. Ensure that you not only have a good time with your friends and family but also purchase a new car at low prices! Do your researches, improve your credit score, and be informed of the ongoing promotions at the dealership lot to strike a sweet car deal during Halloween.

How to Position Yourself As an MLM Consultant in 4 Easy Steps

So you have decided to jump on the internet MLM business bandwagon and become an MLM consultant. What next? It is imperative to think about it well and then come to a decision.

Let me guide you out through the maze of heavy terms like MLM leadership, MLM sponsoring and MLM prospecting so that you don’t end up confused. Just follow these four easy steps and position yourself as a victorious MLM consultant.

Step 1 : Select the network marketing opportunity wisely

Before you decide to sign up for any MLM training course conduct a research on the program in detail. You can read other consultants reviews and experiences for a second opinion. Be informed about the MLM consultant commission percentage to avoid disappointment later. It is advisable to sign up with some program that offers a free sales letter that is professionally created. This will save a lot of time and money.

Step 2 : Promote your business

Now that you have joined as MLM consultant, it is a good idea to go for an auto-responder system. You can browse and find the perfect fit for you on the internet. Auto-responders are greatly helpful for generating MLM leads. You can find out the details of all the present and prospective customers using the same. These email addresses can be used to send promotional material and updates about your product. Remember to follow the laws and avoid spamming.

Step 3 : Maintain your track record

A good MLM consultant is he who has a proper record of all his customers and product sales. It helps a lot when you trace the source of your traffic and sales. Moreover, if you can determine which areas of promotion affected sales the most in a positive or negative way, you can decide whether to follow the same strategies or change them. MLM training workshops will not teach you how to do this. Look around online for good software packages available that will ease your job.

Step 4 : Do some social networking

When you are an amateur MLM consultant, social networking with other consultants is helpful. You can try and grasp as much information as possible from them. They are the best source to learn practical tips.